Quilting Services

Quilting is the stitching that holds your quilt top, batting and backing fabric together. We offer simple and straightforward quilting and binding services to help you finish your beautiful projects.

All of our quilting services are currently done by hand and nothing in the process is automated.

Our quilting intake and quote form can be found HERE. Once your form has been submitted, we will return a quote to you within 2 business days. Details of our quilting services and estimate of costs can be found below.

Straight-Line Quilting

Straight-line quilting is exactly as it sounds - quilting in straight lines! It gives a clean and modern finish to your quilt, and can be an excellent choice if you just want the functionality of quilting to let your patchwork shine!

Straight lines can be quilted vertically, horizontally or diagonally across your quilt, or any combination of these. We can help you decide the quilting that will best suit your patchwork design and budget.

Claire uses a Janome MC6700P domestic, semi-industrial sewing machine for our straight-line quilting. All of our straight-line quilting is performed by hand


Our straight-line quilting is charged per square inch of your quilt and is based on the density of your chosen quilting - i.e. lines that are spaced further apart will be charged less than lines that are spaced closer together.

Quilting can be done either in one direction (e.g. parallel to the length or width of the quilt), or both directions to create a grid pattern.

We will let you know an exact quote once we receive the quilting intake form, but to get an idea, you can multiply the width x length of your quilt, then multiply that number by the rate below (e.g. for a 45" x 45" quilt and a 2.5" quilting grid, calculate 45 x 45 = 2025 x $0.020 per square inch = $41)

One direction
Two directions
Light Density (> 4" spaced lines) $0.010 $0.015
Medium Density (2.5" - 4" spaced lines) $0.012 $0.020
High Density (1.5" - 2.5" spaced lines) $0.020 $0.035
Super High Density (< 1.5" spaced lines) $0.030 $0.050


Free-Motion/Custom Quilting

If you're after a more artistic quilting design, our custom quilting might be for you!

Our custom quilting service is performed by Carolyn on her HQ Sweet 16 mid-arm sewing machine. The beautiful stitching is guided by hand and we do not use any automation in our designs.

Some examples of quilting designs will be added below soon for you to choose from, but in the meantime we are more than happy to provide some suggestions for size and design that will compliment your quilt beautifully.


Our custom quilting rate is $50 per hour. A quote will be provided to you once we have a bit more information about your quilt and what you have in mind for the quilting.


Basting & Backing Preparation

You are more than welcome to provide your quilt to us already basted, using pins, spray or thread. If using pins, these will obviously be returned to you upon completion of the quilt.

If you are not able or do not wish to baste your quilt, we can do this for you for a small extra fee. We baste our quilts using safety pins. The pins might leave very small and temporary holes in your quilt which will naturally close over time as the quilt is used and washed. You are welcome to provide your own batting, or batting can be purchased from us.

Unless you are using a "wideback" fabric for the back of your quilt, your backing fabric will likely need to be cut and pieced together along the selvedge edges to make it wide enough to fit your quilt. You are welcome to provide us your pieced backing or we can prepare this for you at an extra cost.